Overseas Business Management

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Mr. Hilling Zhang

Mr. Hilling Zhang, the chairman of SafBon, is the founder of the company. Hilling has 30 years of experiences in water treatments.He has developed a plenty of patents and holds different academic tiltles. Hilling is based in Shanghai, China.



Mr. Alexander Wang

Mr. Alexander Wang, CEO of SafBon for China operations. Alexander is MBA holder from Fudan University and an EMBA from  Shanghai Jiaotong University. Alexander has also an environmental engineering degree. He has 15 yeas of experience in this industry. Alexander is based in Shanghai, China. 


Mr. Gabriel Lok

Mr. Gabriel Lok, SafBon general manager for international operations, is adept with  international business. He has worked with various international companies in a management position for over 30 years. Gabriel is based in Shanghai,China.



Mr. Christopher Claessen

Mr. Christopher Claessen, CEO of SafBon Water Technology, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the Water & Wastewater treatment business having worked, throughout his career, with International companies and in support of projects around the world.

Mr. Claessen is a graduate of Loughborough University in the United Kingdom and was most recently the Chief Operating Officer of Doosan Hydro Technology.



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        Mr. Denis RICHARD

Mr. Denis RICHARD, CEO of KWI International Environmental Treatment GmbH in France



        Ms Sun, Ying

Ms Sun, Ying has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of ItN Nanovation AG since 20 November 2018. And she is the Chief Financial Officer of SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai.

She earned a Bachelor of Accountancy from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and afterwards her MBA Degree from China Europe International Business School.