Desalination R&D Institute

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In order to meet the needs of the long-term strategic planning, SafBon established a Desalination Design and Research Institute at headquarter located in Shanghai in 2017.


The INSTITUTE team members are from SafBon global subsidiary companies such as SafBon Shanghai, SWT America, KWI Austria and ItN German.


SWT (SafBon Water Technology), which was founded as American Engineering Services (AES) in 1985, became a subsidiary of SafBon in 2017. SWT has an impressive portfolio of successful seawater and brackish reverse osmosis and nanofiltration projects for municipal and industrial clients and is a global leader in providing world-class desalination solutions, systems, and services to worldwide clients through innovation and continuous drive to provide more efficient processes and technologies.


KWI is the top expert in delivering Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) for water and wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications. With more than 4,700 installations in 77 countries, KWI excels in Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Biological Treatment, Process and Potable Water applications.


ItN is one of the leading nanotechnology companies in the world, developing innovative water filtration systems for large industrial customers. ItN stands for "Innovation through nanotechnology" and reflects the company's well-founded nanotechnology know how.


The Design and Research Institute play a central role in SAFBONs desalination strategy and has strong capability of integrating the various technologies, products and pilot study to optimize desalination process. To stimulate creativity and encourage new ideas, the INSTITUTE promotes more open and collaborative innovation, such as Pressure Center Design and Plant Operating Power Tariff based.


SafBon has the capability to supply high-efficient and economical solutions for global desalination market. SafBon has developed a solid track record of completing more than 500 projects globally. SafBon has applied its own unique products and innovative design to both Cangzhou and Yingkou seawater desalination plant with capacity of 100 MLD each, which initiated Chinese seawater desalination market.