Seawater FGD Treatment for Haimen Ultra-Supercritical Power Plant (4×1036MW)
The worldwide biggest SWFGD project, which has high-reliability and high-efficiency and achieves “NEAR ZERO EMISSION”.

Huaneng Haimen Power Plant (4 x 1036 MW) which adopts SafBon’s seawater flue gas desulfurization (SWFGD) technology is the first and largest SWFGD project in the world. It showcases SafBon’s world-class advanced SWFGD technology. The clients have been extremely satisfied with the high-reliability and high-efficiency of the project.

Huaneng Haimen Power Plant


  • Unit capability: 4 x 1036 MW

  • Gas flow: 3,299,106 Nm3/h (wet, O2)

  • SO2 content: 1,704 mg/Nm3

  • SO2 removal efficiency: ≥95% (Overall); 98% (Unit 1, unit 2)

  • Technology: SWFGD technology

  • Project type: Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)

  • Location: Haimen, Guangdong Province, China

  • SWFGD Process Flow Diagram

    The SO2 Content of Gas Inflow and Outflow


  • Patented technology

  • SafBon has developed and patented this seawater-FGD technology for large-sized coal-fired power station boilers, including its engineering design software package.

  • High performances and reliability

  • The SWFGD system has high stability, high reliability and is easy to maintain. The SO2 removal efficiency, discharged seawater quality and energy savings are excellent. It is also adaptable for varying conditions of unit load, coal and seawater quality

  • Near zero emissions

  • With the exception of the condenser cooling seawater as SO2 absorbent, no any other additive is required except air and so the whole system has no solid desulfurization by-products or secondary pollution.