Gas Regulator Station of Zhangjiagang Combined Cycle Power Plant (2×395MW)
The first natural gas (NG) regulator station for 9F level combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in China

The first natural gas (NG) regulator station for 9F level combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in China Zhangjiagang Huaxing power plant has two sets of GE-S109FA, the gas - steam combined cycle generating unit which resulted in the installation for a natural gas pressure regulating station for two gas turbines. The natural gas pressure regulating station includes almost all the natural gas processing modules, including the metering unit, heating unit, filter unit, pressure regulating unit, nitrogen displacement unit, relief system and pressure regulating and controlling system. With this system, the natural gas can meet the requirements of gas turbine.


  • Quantity: 2 sets gas turbine (9FA level)

  • Capability: Gas Turbine maximum gas consumption:

    Regulator station inlet: 164,000 Nm3/h (2 × 65.5 t/h);

    Regulator station outlet: two routes, each 82,000 Nm3/h (65.5 t/h);

    Gas Turbine minimum steady state gas inflow: ~ 13 t/h.

  • Technology: NG regulation technology

  • Project type: Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)

  • Location: Zhangjiagang, China

  • Footprint: 20 m x 15 m

  • Highlights

  • Lean management culture and systematic quality service;

  • Cooperation with professional equipment manufacturer of home and abroad;

  • Rich experience in designing, construction and operation & maintenance;

  • Well-equipped simulation laboratory;

  • Appropriate fuel gas system layout;

  • High safety in the fuel gas system;

  • Perfect fire-resistance support property in the fuel gas system;

  • Reliable protection system during the operation of fuel gas system;

  • The successful operation of the system is under guard of professional stuff.

  • Convenient operation and maintenance.

  • The whole system is designed by modular and pry loading method supply. The main equipment and various accessory instruments and instruments of the system were first installed and manufactured in the factory, and the monomer inspection, water pressure tightness test and the whole machine performance test were qualified, then sent to the project site. The pry loading system has the advantages of convenient installation, reliable performance and easy operation. This project can be a typical example in the supporting project of natural gas processing system in the power industry.