SWFGD (Seawater Flue Gas Desulfurization) Technology
SWFGD technology is a certificated “Ultra clean emission” solution for coal fired power plants. It features zero absorbent and zero desulfurization by-products and causes no secondary pollution.

SWFGD Technology

The seawater flue gas desulfurization (SWFGD) process refers to absorption and neutralization of SO2 in the flue gas by tapping on the natural features of seawater. SafBon SWFGD technology is a reliable and highly-efficient technology with self-owned intellectual property.

The SWFGD process is safe and harmless to the sea and the atmosphere environment, since it does not produce any desulfurization by-products or cause secondary pollution. In addition, the technology required in this system is simple but efficient resulting in lower investment and power consumption but yields high SO2 removal rate (> 95%) which is higher than the conventional FGD technologies. SWFGD is generally accepted as the most simple and economical FGD choice for thermal power plant in the coastal areas.

SafBon Research

In 2007, SafBon started the key project of the National High-tech R&D Program, named “Large-sized Coal-fired Power Station Boiler Sea water-FGD Technology and Demonstration”. Through lots of research work and projects, the seawater-FGD technology for large-sized coal-fired power station boiler and its engineering design software package with self-owned intellectual property was developed.

SWFGD Process Flow Diagram

SWFGD Technical Characteristics

The main chemical reactions in the SWFGD process is shown as follows:

  • SO2 (g) ↔ SO2 (aq)

  • SO2 (aq) + H2O ↔ HSO3- + H+

  • HSO3-↔ SO32- + H+

  • CO32- + H+↔ HCO3-

  • HCO3- + H+ ↔ CO2 (g) + H2O

  • SO32- + 1/2O2 → SO42-

  • With the adoption of SafBon SWFGD technology, the treated gas and discharged seawater qualities are designed as follows:

  • High SO2 Removal Efficiency: ≥ 95%
    (Outlet SO2 Concentration: <35 mg/Nm3)

  • The treated flue gas quality:

  • Dust emission ≤ 5 mg/Nm3

  • SO2 emission ≤ 35 mg/Nm3

  • NOX emission ≤ 50 mg/Nm3

  • Discharge Seawater quality:

  • pH ≥ 6.8

  • DO ≥ 3 mg/L

  • SO32- Oxidation Rate ≥ 90%

  • Increment of CODMn ≤ 2.5 mg/L

  • SWFGD Achievement

    After years of development SafBon professional team has developed excellent expertise and experience in technology R&D, system design, equipment configuration, construction, commissioning, operation and after-sales services, In the environmental protection field of large boiler seawater flue gas desulfurization, SafBon is the domestic leader in China with almost 84% market share and is targeting to be the world leader in this field soon.

    This SWFGD solution has been certified as the “Ultra clean emission” solution for coal fired power plants and will be part of China’s national energy conservation and emission reduction plan.