Ceramic Flat Membrane(CFM)

ItN Nanovation AG based in Saarbruecken, Germany, is one of the leading nanotechnology companies in the world who has developed an extremely effective Ceramic Flat Membrane (CFM) for water filtration.

Introduction of ItN

ItN Nanovation AG is the technology leader in nano coated flat sheet ceramic membranes for water treatment These environmentally friendly membranes can effectively remove organic colloids, inorganic colloids, hazardous elements (i.e. radium and arsenic), total dissolved solid (TSS), bacteria, algae, oil and so on.

At present, ItN’s membranes are used in drinking water and wastewater treatment with stellar references in the filtration of ground and surface water for drinking water treatment with the exceptional ability to remove radioactive material. 

In the ceramic membrane market, the key trends of applications are the water and wastewater treatment, especially water reuse. Industries of interest are petrochemical industry, mining. chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear power station, steel,  oil refinery where the wastewater produced in which is usually oil-containing, radioactive-containing, high-concentration organism, high TDS, high SS, high temperature,where the polymer membrane cannot be used well.

ItN has proven its membrane treatment process is superior to other processes (sand filtration, polymer filtration, etc.) in flux, strength, lifetime and operating costs. 

In 2016, ItN became a member of the SafBon group of companies.


                             Ceramic Flat Membrane                                Filtration Module                                            Filtration Units

CFM Systems®

CFM Systems® (Ceramic Flat Membrane) combines the advantages of an asymmetric inorganic filter and submerged flat membrane filtration.

The advanced design enables an unprecedented technical and economical water treatment in different fields of application. Based on the unique features of CFM, ItN developed new high performance adsorption processes for Ra, As, Cd, Pb, P and others impurities in connection with ceramic flat sheet membranes. The ultrafiltration processes in use are based on CFM Systems®. CFM Systems® remove pollutants like particles and microorganisms and thus produce clear water free from biological and toxic hazards.

As an example, the Cer@Senic® unit provides a complete solution for the supply of drinking water from small to medium communities, individual buildings and big scale water treatment plants. It combines precipitation with ceramic filtration.  Pretreatment with the help of precipitant brings dissolved pollutants like arsenic into a particulate form. The formed suspended arsenate can be separated from the water by ultrafiltration with CFM Systems®.

The Cer@Sorp® process is designed for Ra-removal of groundwater. Similar to the Cer@Senic® unit, as CFM’s strong anti-oxidation, the hydrogenous manganese oxide can be added to convert the dissolved Radium into particulate form in the Cer@Sorp® process. In addition, a special designed layer for Radium adsorption rate enhancement is loaded on the CFM surface. A successful water treatment project in Saudi Arabia shows that the Ra2+ removal rate can be improved from 50~60% to 70~80% when a sand filter replaced by the CFM Systems®.

During filtration a layer accumulates on the membrane surface. A simple periodic backwash with permeate suffices to remove the layer from the membrane and assures stable long term operation. The arsenate containing waste has neutral pH. This waste can be disposed of easily due to the insolubility in water.

CFM Systems® Main Process

Advantages of CFM®

  • Latest technology;

  • Ideal combination of robustness of sand filters and filtration-quality of polymeric membranes, high resistance against chemical substances, pressure changes and temperature changes;

  • High flux rates;

  • Little use of chemical for pre-treatment leads to low OPEX;

  • Low energy consumption; very small pressure difference;

  • Easy to clean with high pressure water back-wash with/without citric acid;

  • High Log Removal Value of 4.7;

  • Little water consumption (Mass-Balance close to 100%);

  • High availability and high capacity utilization through smart cleaning and back-wash procedures.

  • CFM Products

    Specifically, there are various CFM products available for particular conditions. Sample CFM products are shown below:


    CFM Applications

  • The Reuse of Cooling Tower Blowdown (CTBD) in Power Industry – Before RO

  • The Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) of Desulfurization Wastewater – Pretreatment 

  • The Reuse of Wastewater in Oil & Gas – Before RO

  • The Reuse of Wastewater in Printing & Dyeing – Before RO

  • The Reuse of Wastewater in Coal Chemical Industry – Before RO

  • The Reuse of Wastewater in Steel & Coking Industry – Before RO

  • The Reuse of Silica Grind Wastewater in Electronics Industry